Game lab

We run a laboratory for game experiments. The games are designed to mimic natural situations where you need to make strategic choices and cooperate with others.

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An interdisciplinary Centre

The Centre for the study of Cultural Evolution is an interdisciplinary initiative at Stockholm University that was founded in 2007.

The objective is to create an internationally competitive scientific environment for studies on the causal relationships that shape and change human culture.

Our vision is a scientific environment where scientists and students in the humanities, natural sciences and mathematics can work together and mutually benefit from each other’s knowledge and methods. Initially the Centre is a collaboration between the departments of Archaeology, Linguistics and Zoology at Stockholm University, as well as the department of Mathemathics and Physics at Mälardalen University.

Our interdisciplinary approach is characterized by the insight that humans are shaped by biological as well as cultural processes. Our ambition is to contribute to the understanding of the uniquely human against the background of our biological heritage.

We work both theoretically with mathematical models and empirically with historical and archaeological data, but above all we strive to integrate empirical research with mathematical modelling.